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Artikelnummer: LM-KLX

Nytt variabelt avgassystem från LM Exhaust "Made in Italy" , ett avgassystem av absolut högsta kvalitet!
Designat för maximal prestanda från 150cc 

Kompatibelt med 2 eller 4 ventils topplock "KLX-stil" som RS och RS Competizione utrustade med ett cylinderhuvud - samt TB V2 eller de som är utrustade med Takegawa, Kitaco eller liknande cylinderhuvud.
Lämna ett meddelande i kassan med vilken modell du vill ha. Eller skicka ett mail till [email protected]

"The manifold is a hand-welded and decomposable multi-stage steel. The composition in two parts, connected together by spring, guarantees the absorption of the vibrations coming from the engine.

The most interesting and innovative feature is that this exhaust gives the possibility of easy variations between standard CRF and KLX engine. In fact, by simply changing the first section of the manifold, the exhaust can be transformed from one standard to another without having to change it. In a nutshell, there is no longer a need to have two exhausts, because this new LM allows in a moment to pass from compatibility with original 2 or 4 valve engines to that with "KLX style" engines such as the RS and RS Competizione equipped with a head. TB V2, or those equipped with Takegawa, Kitaco or similar heads.

The equipment is completed by the beautiful aluminum silencer with carbon end cap. With this exhaust, the <94db sound level regulations are respected even on large displacement prepared engines, such as the Tsunami 201RS."